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Low pass over Alés Airfield France
Long time build
My RV-6 and Aluminum Overcast
My RV-9A with a DC-3
Spring in Texas!
After the storm
Posing for the camera
Texas Sunset
Aim high !!!
RV4 ice landing
RV-12 N442RF Painting Complete
Robert Vess' RV-7 at the place where it all began: Kitty Hawk, NC
Ready..set...Let's go!
Going off into the sunset (or the hangar).
A little sight seeing in an RV-7A
Hot Stuff at Oshkosh!
Vans RV-8 built in Cayey, Puerto Rico.
Kelly Towery's Beautiful RV-6A
British Navy Paint Scheme
RV-8 WWII Paint Scheme
Vans RV12
Wife’s first flight
At Mende Airport, France
RV-12 Built by Students
RV-8 N118KB
Rollout of my RV-12
My RV-6A
Poised for flight
Brand new RV-12 at the Paris Airshow (Paris, TX that is...)
Beautiful Van's RV-8 at a Texas Fly-in
RV-10 Tailbones
RV-6 at the Texas Antique Airplane Fly-in
Great Paint Scheme on this RV-4
RV-6A Red and WhiteNice paint job on this RV-6A at a fly-in in Texas.
Digging through the Oshkosh archives. Found this RV.
Military Style RV Paint Job at the Texas Antique Airplane Fly-in
RV-8 Looking a for parking spot at the Texas Antique Aircraft Fly-in
RV7 taking off from beach airport
9,000th flying RV!
Aft CG Bear in an RV-8 - Orville goes for a ride!
My RV-7A
RV-8 Descending Dove
Let's hear it for the Red, White and BLUE!

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