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RV-7 at FASH, South Africa
Packwood WA
Colorado Fall
Hard Water Landing
Thanks to all the spotters!
Making progress.
RV-9A  N218S
RV-8 after the First Flight
My newly finished RV-7A!
Enjoying some wing work
Two For Tango
Bobby Hester’s RV7A
Too much Heaven
RV-12iS at 10,000ft
RV-7A N57LW   Malibu, Ca
Time to aviate
Homage to 111(F) Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Home Again
Sunset in Utah
Turning for home
Who really remembers the rivets?!
Sun rising over RV-14A
RV10 Over the Hudson Valley
RV-7 & RV-8 at Maniwaki airport
N274BD in repose at KGTU
Advance Flight Systems 5600 with  Avidyne IFD 540 with Aerosport Products Carbon Fiber Panel
Portugal Air Race
Sister ships from the factory
Homage to my old Squadron.
Port Angeles WA. RV8A “Blue Comet”
R7-7A. N57LW
RV -12iS N683JT at 10,000ft
Van's Aircraft RV-15
N71LE at PetitJean Arkansas
What did I get myself into?
Wrapped RV8 Fastback
N1976L on the grass
Charlie Brame 1.jpg
Waiting For The Sunrise
My RV-14 Erector Set (Empennage)
A patriotic RV-10
Fliying with friends
Fall formation flying
RV-7 parts everywhere!
Every Cleco That I Own Is In My RV-8 Fuse

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