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Packwood WA
Packwood WA - Brooks Wolfe
Packwood (55S) has it all — mountainous terrain, short field, and tall trees at the arrival end to practice on. There are several restaurants in walking distance; my favorite is Cliff Droppers, for that $100 hamburger.
Colorado Fall
Colorado Fall - Brian Beatty
I completed a photo shoot with the Colorado Div. Of Aeronautics for the cover of the Colorado Airport Directory. This is one of the shots. I have full permission to use and distribute as long as Shahn’s name is at the bottom right. Cheers. Brian
Hard Water Landing
Hard Water Landing - Terry DuBose
Thanks to all the spotters!
Thanks to all the spotters! - Ronald Niehoff
This picture was taken from a local airport Teuge in the Netherlands. PIC is Martin Breukers, enjoying the Van's RV-9A with is wife Angelique. Everytime beautiifull pictures show up from spotters! Thanks to all of them.
Sedona,AZ?? - Walt Hastings
Making progress.
Making progress. - Todd Johnson
My RV6A - Steve Schliebe
Nice November day to fly my recently finished rebuilt RV6A.
Starlite - Gwen Walcott
RV-9A  N218S
RV-9A N218S - Walt Hastings
Rico Burgess flying above Griffith Park Observatory & The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, Calif??
RV-8 after the First Flight
RV-8 after the First Flight - Christian Schaerer
First Flight of my Vans RV-8 at LFSB. Nov 14th 2022, after 6.5 years of building, I moved the throttle full forward for the first flight. 21 minutes on the hobbs and after my best taildragger landing ever, I took this picture in front of the hangar.
My newly finished RV-7A!
My newly finished RV-7A! - Bruce Swayze
I will have my RV painted, but for now it flies just great without paint! What a thrill to have this finished and flying!
Enjoying some wing work
Enjoying some wing work - Bill Bencze
What fun!

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