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RV-12iS landing on Blokhus Beach (DK)
RV-12iS landing on Blokhus Beach (DK) - Poul Erik Bech
RV-12iS landing on Blokhus Beach (DK) A Fly-In every year at Blokhus Beach where 20 planes get to land on the beach.
Color of Automn
Color of Automn - Martin Rousseau
Photo taken a Val d'Or airport.
RV-12 UL350iS
RV-12 UL350iS - Raymond Fraze
Finished Annual Earlier this year
LAA Rally 2023
LAA Rally 2023 - Harry Lees
In good company
In good company - Andrew Sutcliffe
Fueling - Harry van Altena
Vans RV-7
Vans RV-7 - Mike Ward
She was built in 2006. Quick build kit. Aerosport IO-360 fuel injected. CS prop. Full Dynon glass panel.
Flying to Oshkosh
Flying to Oshkosh - Paul Berkovitz
Designed by Scheme Designers and paint at Corona Air Paint. Corona, CA
Made it home from Airventure 2023
Made it home from Airventure 2023 - Brent Anderson
1999 RV-6A This was my second year flying her to Airventure with my daughter. We dodged T storms on the way home, landed once to wait out the weather. Made it home safe then we captured the moment with this picture!
Paint by Midwest Aircraft Refinishers, Hibbing, MN
Paint by Midwest Aircraft Refinishers, Hibbing, MN - Scott Wentz
Photo after returning to KOSH from Midwest Aircraft Refinishers. I love my RV-10, this paint scheme, and the excellent job they did. It’s been flying for 3+ years all of the eastern half of the United States.
Swedish RV8 j26 wanna be
Swedish RV8 j26 wanna be - Johan Sverkerson
A mishmash of paint schemat with the county coat of arms on the tail, anti collision stripes and Swedish roundels, just the way I like it??
RV1414W - Dave Winters
First Flight June 6th 2023

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