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RV6 Low Pass
RV4 Scott Brown
Empennage complete
RV-10,  builder:  Ken Morris, McKinney, TX
Matched Set
Airshow flying
RV9-A 1909K with Smoke System
RV-14A over Alabama
RV-14A fresh out of the paint shop
Brand new RV-7A, ready for first flight!
First Time Hanging Wings
RV-14 in Albany OR
Getting so close!
Just Painted
RV-7A Tribute to NASA and the Apollo Program
RV-7A Finished and First Flight March 2020
My RV-9
My RV-9 at Manassas Airport (KHEF) in Manassas, Virginia
First Arrival at Airport
“USNA Uber”
Taking my bird for a walk.
RV4 hard water landing
Rv8 Spain
Vans RV-9
N1605A on Ice
RV-12 Rollout
Bowen Aviation
Waiting anxiously for the call to action !
RV-9A at South Tahoe, Ca
23 years and still flying
Tim Harris RV8 First Flight Feb 2020
First Flight Oct. 2018
Sometimes it takes two...
Fresh from paint
minding own business at home
My white RV 7 A
Granddaughter and I on Kansas Air Tour 2019
Home from the paint shop!
First flight
Low pass over Alés airfield France
P-51 Paint Scheme on a RV-8
That RV Grin!
That's a Shine!
RV summer
Keeping it Shiny
N277PM at Timberhouse Aero Estates, Lafayette IN

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