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RV Aircraft News Stories
Flap Torque Tube and Bushings - RV-10
In this video I get the flaps torque tube bushings finally fitted, and the torque tubs installed in the plane with the flap motor. I had some mic issues in a few places.. and I'm trying out my new logo / page name.
Jason Ellis Builds
RV Aircraft News Stories
Harbor View, Phillips, WI
Located across the street from the Price County/Phillips airport, Harbor View in Phillips, Wisconsin, offers its guests a pub eatery with a full and interesting menu. - Submitted by Bob
RV Aircraft News Stories
RV-10 Build: 03/28/2022 - Firewall FWD - Air Actuators
We decided to go with servo actuators to open/close the cabin heat and oil cooler vents. TCW makes a nice set custom-fit for this for a good price, saving us a bunch of time sourcing servos and controllers. Pretty happy with how easy this installs!
RV Aircraft News Stories
Burlington Municipal Airport - Fred's World's Best Burgers, Burlington, WI
Fred's is the best place for a fly-in burger! Great Wisconsin menu and the Sprecher root beer is on tap and oh so sweet!! Homemade spiral cut potato fries are just one of their specialties. There is a courtesy car usually available from 9-3 weekdays but call ahead before you take-off to reserve it. Town is just 1 mile so on a nice day, many have chosen to walk. Very nice people/management at the airport, cheap self serve 24/7 fuel free wifi and a beautiful lobby and facility make BUU a GREAT stop! Check out Fred's World's Best Burgers at! - Submitted by Chris Meisner
RV Aircraft News Stories
Van's RV Aircraft Slideshow!
A big THANKS goes out all the photo contributors who made this video possible!
RV Aircraft News Stories
The First Australian RV Association Meeting at Echuca Victoria
Flying from Shellharbour NSW to Echuca in RV14 JTO for the first Aussie Vans RV meeting. Then a pop in to Melbourne to see my folks and on to Shellharbour via the South East corner of Aus.
Nigel Thomas
RV Aircraft News Stories
Airport Cafe at Kern Valley Airport, Kernville, CA
L05 is a great place to practice mountain flying. Good food and a short trip to the Kern river for rafting. There is also camping on the field. - Submitted by Dave
RV Aircraft News Stories
Is the FAA is going to Take YOUR Pilot License???
This is about your freedom to fly. What happened to Trent Palmer can happen to any of us who regularly enjoy the freedoms afforded to us by capable off-airport aircraft. This has happened before, and will happen again. While there is a lot of support for Trent to fight this and likely win, every other pilot out there that does not have 500k+ people following them on social media may be left fighting the FAA on their own. Now would be a really good time to stand up collectively as a group and remind the representatives who work for US what WE want to see change with the administrator. Flight Training
RV Aircraft News Stories
Sundance Airport, Yukon, OK
The largest privately owned/public use jetport/airport in the state of Oklahoma. Sundance is one of the three largest facilities of its kind in the United States. Construction began in 1982 and the airport was completed in 1985. You won't be disappointed! - Submitted by Heather Gomer
RV Aircraft News Stories
Camping Year Round on the SUN 'n FUN Expo Campus
A quick video showing the beautiful grounds at SUN 'n FUN's famous facility on the Lakeland Linder International Airport.
RV Aircraft News Stories
Van's Aircraft RV-10 Build: Unboxing Our Finishing Kit
Unboxing our finishing kit for our Van's Aircraft RV-10 build - doors, wheel pants, and more fun stuff!
Plane Lady
RV Aircraft News Stories
Catalina Airport, Avalon, CA
Great 'Fly In' Getaway. Fly to AVX, Catalina 'Airport in the Sky'. Owned by pilots. Discounts to pilots. The airport is located in the center of the Island, at 1602 feet elevation.Its single 3250 foot runway is able to accommodate most small planes. Be sure and check out the Hotel Catalina. - Submitted by Ellisons

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