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RV Aircraft News Stories

RV-8 Aerobatics - Ken Reider - Battle Creek Airshow 2021

Ken Reider of Team Redline performs solo aerobatics in his Van's RV-8 at the 2021 Field of Flight Airshow and Balloon Festival in Battle Creek, Michigan.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Avemco now offers coverage for more kinds of kit planes than ever before.

Avemco now offers coverage for more kinds of kit planes than ever before. Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability extended sales coverage for up to one year after the date of sale, or the period that the aircraft was insured by Avemco, whichever is less. Coverage for both the building phase and when completed for flight. Up to $15 for each documented hour of labor to assemble or reconstruct your aircraft. $50,000 liability coverage for rented or leased hangars. Save up to 25% on your annual premium for all owned products.

RV Aircraft News Stories

RV-14 Is More Fuel Efficient Than Your Car

Built more sturdy while retaining its performance edge. Vans aircraft is no stranger to designing and building experimental airplanes. And their newest model is the RV-14. Comes both in tricycle landing gear and tail wheel. The RV-14 is more robust, fast and you can even flip upside down doing light aerobatics. This aircraft is built for the multipurpose pilot.

RV Aircraft News Stories

How to Apply Vinyl Accents

Tips on adding some vinyl graphics to your aircraft.

Evan Brunye
RV Aircraft News Stories

Patricia N Don Lepek

Just a few more parts and I'll be pounding rivets for the Mid-Section Lower Fuselage, section 26.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Van's RV Aircraft at Gainesville Fly-in

Great Looking Van's RVs at the Annual Antique Airplane Association Flyin in Gainesville, TX.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Michael Fleming

Visual progress is coming fast these days. Mounted the engine today. A bit of work, but not too bad 😅

RV Aircraft News Stories

Vans RV-14 climb performance to 17,500'

Dan takes his Vans RV-14 to 17,500' recording rate-of-climb at every thousand foot mark. It was a late July day in the midwest, and rate-of-climb performance at 17,000'.

Dan Baker
RV Aircraft News Stories

Nut and Bolt Torque Values

The importance of correct torque application cannot be overemphasized. Undertorque can result in unnecessary wear of nuts and bolts, as well as the parts they secure. Overtorque can cause failure of a bolt or nut from over-stressing the threaded areas. Uneven or additional loads that are applied to the assembly may result in wear or premature failure. The following are a few simple, but important procedures, that should be followed to ensure that correct torque is applied.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Avoiding Flight into IMC

A different perspective in helping students avoid flight into IMC.

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