Fun Places to Fly in Utah

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Delle - Delle, UT

Two dirt strips right alongside I-80 next to the service station. Flew in there this week to see if it was still there. Great fun! No winsock, I circled over nearby dirt-bikers to get wind direction from their dust trails. Runways are well maintained, taxi across semi-truck lot up to pump #1 for a MOGAS refill. Service station has typical snacks and beverages. Fun place to stop. Whoohooo! Not on Jeppesen Charts, I did find it on the official UTAH state chart. Delle is a small enclave in Utah, along Interstate 80 near the Bonneville Salt Flats. It is in Tooele County, Utah. The town has never had more than a few residents and has served primarily as a service station along the I-80 corridor (and U.S. Route 40 corridor before it). Since the completion of the freeway the town has essentially become a ghost town. Location 40.762552,-112.787361. Watch out for radio tower approx 1m east of field! - Submitted by Flyctrobin

Flying near Flaming Gorge - Dutch John, UT

Nice runway on top of a mesa. Beautiful mountains in all directions. The Green River and lake are breath taking. Call Flaming Gorge Resort for a ride to accommodations. 435-889-3773. There is no fuel or hangar available. - Submitted by Clark Hall

Goulding's Monument Valley - Goulding, UT

Dirt, gravel and some pavement airport at the historic Goulding Lodge, private strip officaily, call ahead. Search the web for information. Beautiful country, nice rooms,restaurant, museum, trading post, indoor pool and lots of history. Been there since 1929. Many western movies shot there. One of the best get-a-way places we have landed our Bonanza. Tiedown cables provided. Bring your own tie-down.Twin Otters and Caravans use the strip on a daily basis. Must use Runway 16 for landing uphill and Runway 34 for takeoff downhill. No go arounds, bluffs ahead. Suggest an early arrival to avoid heat and winds. All facilities with in walking distance from the plane but the lodge will give you a ride if you can contact them or they are already at the airport for the tourist arrivals. I highly recommend this location. Bonanza Bill ,GTU. - Submitted by Bonanza Bill

Logan, Utah Breakfast! - Logan, UT

Loganā€˜s Monthly Customer Appreciation Breakfast! I make it a point to fly out to Logan on the second Saturday of each month for a fantastic FREE breakfast! It happens from 8am-10am and is absolutely awesome! The FBO also gives a fuel discount for fly-ins, but many people also drive in as well. Great times! I look forward to seeing you there! - Submitted by flyctrobin

Richfield Airport - Richfield, UT

Really, really nice folks at this airport. They offer 3 courtesy cars. SHORT drive into town, where you will find your choice of fast food places: McDonald's; Burger King; Taco Bell; Wendy's; Pizza Hut; Kentucky Fried Chicken. - Submitted by EJ

Sphere One Aviation - Cedar City, UT

Beautiful surroundings located 1 hr from Skiing at Brian Head Resort. 1 Hr from Zion Bryce. National Parks. Full Service friendly FBO. Identifier: CDC. FBO Services: 122.85. Area Traffic: 123.0 BIG Runway: 8,675 ft. Elevation: 5,622 ft. Fuel: AVFUEL. Location: 2 miles NW of town. 150,000 lbs. single wheel, 200,000 lbs. dual wheel, 300,000 lbs. dual tandem with approval. - Submitted by Brenda Blackburn

Thunder Ridge Airpark - Fruitland, UT

Recreational mountain airpark of pilots and non-pilots. 4000' paved runway and tie down area for quests. 5 to 30 acre lots with full utilities. Lots starting at $25k and lots with homes starting at $175k. Best value in the nation. Financing available on lots, construction financing included at N/C for the model homes. Mild daytime summer temperatures, and cool nights abound. Nearby activities include fishing, hunting, camping, snowmobiling, four wheeling, water sports, snow kiting, and much more. New lot owners will have first dibs on elk depredation tags this fall on the Highlands Ranch next door. - Submitted by Tracy Livingston

Wendover Airport - Wendover, UT

Public field, owned by Tooele County. Old converted WWII field used to train heavy bomber crews, including the Enola Gay. Nice small museum. Free shuttle to local Casinos/Hotels in West Wendover, NV. Photo submitted by Wendover2001. - Submitted by James Smith

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