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RV Aircraft News Stories
Avoiding Flight into IMC
A different perspective in helping students avoid flight into IMC.
RV Aircraft News Stories
Why 100LL Costs More Than Jet Fuel
Pulling up to the fuel tank can be frustrating sometimes when comparing the price of 100LL to Jet A. There are some good reasons for this though, and like it or not, for now these reasons mean we will pay more at the pump per gallon than our Jet A friends.
RV Aircraft News Stories
Leaning the Mixture for a High Density Altitude Takeoff
Here's a short video showing you several ways to lean your airplane's mixture for a high density altitude takeoff. This piece covers leaning for normally aspirated engines having fixed pitch and constant speed propellers.
RV Aircraft News Stories
GoPro Aviation Mount Bundle
With the MyPilotPro Bundle you get the MyPilotPro Swivel, MyPilotPro Mount, and MypilotPro Wrench at an almost 20% savings from retail! This Bundle is great for multi-view filming of your flight! Attach the MyPilotPro Mount on your rear tie down for perfect straight ahead shots and attach the MyPilotPro Swivel to your wing's tie down for awesome side shots!
RV Aircraft News Stories
Experimental Aircraft Insurance: #1 Thing to Remember
Most experimental aircraft builders assume their homeowner's insurance will cover their project while they build at home. Sometimes, they don't find out the truth until it's too late. You need dedicated kit plane coverage from Avemco Insurance Company.
RV Aircraft News Stories
How to Lean the Mixture During Taxi to Prevent Plug Fouling
Here's quick video on how to lean the mixture during taxi to prevent plug fouling.
RV Aircraft News Stories
Give an RV grin to a student pilot
Take a new pilot flying in your RV. Expand their aviation world. Whenever you're going flying and have the co-pilot seat open take a new pilot for an RV experience. See if you can get an RV grin from them. It'll change their perspective of aviation and you'll have as much fun as they do.
Dan Baker
RV Aircraft News Stories
Getting into the RV-10
Yes, there is a right way to get into the RV10. There is also many wrong ways.
RV Aircraft News Stories
Ftici Goes for a Spin
Kicks takes Ftici up for some spins in a RV-8. Yips follows along in a RV-6A to get some video.
Yips in Formation
RV Aircraft News Stories
Fun Places to Fly in Texas
Great Flying Destinations in Texas.... ya'll.
RV Aircraft News Stories
OSH 2021 in an RV-8
Here is our trip up to EAA AirVenture 2021.
RV-8 Pilot

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