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RV Aircraft News Stories

Vans RV-8 Aircraft Buying Experience

This video is about a pilot's experience, selling his current airplane and looking for a Van's RV Aircraft.

RV Aircraft News Stories

100 Dollar Hamburgers! Life is Good!

What a great combination, Van's RV Aircraft and Hamburgers! Join us as we Fly Gene's RV-7A from McKinney National Airport to Sulphur Springs Airport, to grab a burger at The Red Barn Cafe!

RV Aircraft News Stories

Real Pilot Story: Three Seconds, Three Choices

Relinquishing PIC authority is never a good idea, especially if the airplane you're following disappears in the fog. Watch this Real Pilot Story to learn more about Tom Berge's nearly disastrous flight.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Van's RV-10 Build: Cee Bailey's Windows Unboxing

Our Cee Bailey's windows for our RV-10 have arrived! I go over why we opted to purchase these and share some photos showing the difference between the light gray and light green color options.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Propeller Adapter for V8 Auto Engines

Stuart Davis of Auto PSRU demonstrates a real time demonstration of his company's geared drive on an automotive engine, allowing the conversion of auto engines for aircraft use.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Hands Free GoPro Filming for RV Aircraft Projects

Sometimes It's difficult to video your RV Aircraft Project when both hands are busy. This setup allows you to do video documentation while you work.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Really missing the Van's RV Crowd

Just a collage of good times when RV guys and gals got together to enjoy this wonderful line of aircraft from Van's Aircraft. Friends, food and flying!

RV Aircraft News Stories

RV Webinar: Which RV is Right for Me?

Save Your Seat! Tues, Aug 4, 2020 7 - 8:30 p.m. CDT Presenter: Greg Hughes Greg Hughes of Van's Aircraft will discuss the kit offerings from Van's and things to think about before making the purchase decision.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Basic Tools to Build a Van's RV-9A

Here are some of the tools and accessories I used to build my RV-9A.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Vans Aircraft Builders - A little website redo...

RV Aircraft News Stories

Vans Aircraft Builders

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